GGC&Y Brings Families Closer In Lyon’s Ads

Gardner, Geary, Coll & Young drops Lyon’s Restaurants long-running tagline, “Its all about the food,” in favor of a new line, “Let’s eat,” in a new branding campaign for the Foster City, Calif.-based restaurant chain.
The campaign, now breaking across California, humorously plays off the common conception that family members don’t spend enough quality time together. The ads position Lyon’s as a haven where families can sit down, eat and reconnect.
“We wanted to reimage Lyon’s,” said Bari Jain, vice president and management supervisor at GGC&Y. “We wanted to move beyond product attributes to a more emotion-based relationship with our consumer.”
The campaign will consist of two 30-second and three 10-second TV spots and several radio ads. The theme will eventually be incorporated into in-store merchandising, including employee badges, store banners and menus, said Matt Hofherr, GGC&Y’s director of new business.
In one of the TV spots, an overworked husband and father arrives home late from work, apologizing to his family for not spending time with them. Sitting down at the dinner table, he promises things will be different once a big project at work is finished. A voice from the other end of the table says, “That’s great, Fred. Maybe you should spend time with your family. You know … next door.” The man looks up and realizes he is sitting in his neighbor’s house.
The “Let’s eat” campaign is GGC&Y’s first work for Lyon’s since winning the estimated $5 million account in a review early this year [Adweek, Jan. 19]. Among the other agencies that pitched was incumbent Evans, Hardy & Young, Santa Barbara, Calif.