Geico’s Caveman Returns

DALLAS Geico’s caveman is making a comeback, this time on an airport’s moving sidewalk in a spot created by The Martin Agency.

With no voiceover, the spot breaking this week shows the caveman gliding past various signs and advertisements. These include a Geico sign that shows a caveman, a computer and the text: “So easy a caveman can do it.” Ultimately, the caveman exhibits a peeved expression as he departs with his tennis racket and carry-on luggage.

Geico’s prehistoric pitchmen debuted in a 2004 commercial called “Apology” that has won fans for its portrayal of sensitive L.A. cavemen who are easily offended by the insurer’s use of their image to symbolize simplicity. The humor and acting in the original spot raised the profile of Interpublic Group’s Martin in Richmond, Va.

“A lot of people thought the cavemen ads were over after Geico apologized,” said Ted Ward, vice president of marketing at Geico. “But the cavemen developed an almost cult following and became a great reminder of how easy it is to use So apology or no apology, the cavemen are back.”

“Apology” featured Geico trying to make amends to the cavemen at a swank restaurant where one caveman’s order—roast duck with mango salsa—entered the pop-culture lexicon.

“The response to the cavemen has exceeded all of our expectations,” said Joe Lawson, copywriter of the campaign and a vice president at The Martin Agency. “We were thrilled to continue the caveman narrative, thrilled to share our version of what it’s like to be a caveman in the modern world.”

Credits on the new spot include creative director Steve Bassett, directors Will Speck and Josh Gordon, and production company Furlined of Los Angeles.