Fort Franklin Dons Magic Hat

BOSTON Fort Franklin is developing its first work for Magic Hat Brewing since it added the account of the South Burlington, Vt.-based microbrewery late last year.

The campaign from the independent agency in Boston will include the brand’s first TV ads, as well as print and online components. Spending will likely be in the $1 million range.

There was no review for the business. Rather, it was awarded based on Magic Hat president Alan Newman’s favorable impression of ads the agency had previously done for Cider Jack and other brands.

“Fort Franklin’s ability to articulate a brand’s heritage and build business without alienating existing supporters is the main reason we chose to work with them,” Newman said.

Magic Hat had in the past worked with various shops on a project basis and also used its in-house design team for promotions.

The win is important for Fort Franklin because “Magic Hat is one of the most recognizable craft beers along the East Coast,” according to Strick Walker, agency president. “Fort Franklin’s challenge will be to capture the spirit of the brand . . . while ensuring the brand doesn’t sell out to a mass audience.”

Fort Franklin works for a mix of consumer and business-to-business clients. It is perhaps best known for its humorous “talking bass” commercials created for cable network ESPN.

—Adweek staff report