Forget TVs in elevators, logos printed on beach

Forget TVs in elevators, logos printed on beach sand, urinal guards that talk (please forget those). Powell in New York has appropriated the latest ad medium: metal gates that come down over stores at night. Last week, the shop gathered a crowd of Miami Ad School interns at Manhattan’s Rivington Street to watch as artists such as Maya Hayuk—of the most recent Absolut Raspberri TV campaign—painted three nightshades with Rheingold beer-inspired art. “This was the first time that we had a series of [nightshades] in a row; we thought it would be an interesting event,” says shop founder Neil Powell. Building owners are warming to the advertising idea, he says. “In the beginning, it was a tough sell,” he adds. “Building owners spend a tremendous amount of time trying to keep nightshades clean of graffiti and profanity. But we’ve been able to convince them it’s good for the community, the artist, and Rheingold.”