Fallon Rounds Out Creative Team With GCD Hires

Fallon has tapped creatives from both coasts to complete its Minneapolis creative roster, part of a series of appointments made by North American creative director David Lubars.

The hires were necessitated by the departures of group creative directors Peter McHugh and Scott Vincent and creative director Bob Moore, all of whom left the agency for jobs with other shops in the last year. In Fallon’s New York office last year, layoffs depleted almost the entire creative staff.

In Minneapolis, Todd Riddle, formerly with Hill Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, and Bobby Pearce, who left Fallon to join Goodby, Silverstein & Partners two years ago, were named group creative directors.

Riddle and Pearce join Stuart D’Rozario and Harvey Marco as group creative directors in the 30-person department. The four group creative directors will report to Lubars and associate creative director Bruce Bildsten.

Lubars said Bildsten has taken over many of the duties previously handled by Moore, who in May joined Publicis in the West in Seattle as co-president and executive creative director.

In January, McHugh was named partner and executive creative director at 180 in Amsterdam, while Vincent left earlier this fall to direct commercials.

Lubars also beefed up Fallon’s New York operation by shifting Minneapolis art director Eric Cosper, who worked on the Lee account, to that office.

The team of Linus Karlsson and Paul Malmstrom are also working out of New York as a “creative SWAT team” for the agency’s six worldwide offices, Lubars said. Because of its global reach, “New York is the best place for them to do that,” Lubars explained.

Finally, Christopher Toland, formerly with Leagas Delaney in San Francisco, joined Fallon’s Santa Monica, Calif., outpost as an art director.