Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Weather is always an unpredictable variable when shooting outdoor footage for commercials. Creative staffers at J. Walter Thompson in Detroit (shown here) know that better than anyone after a recent shoot in California.
Just one rainy day was needed during a four-day shoot for the Northeast Ohio Ford Dealer Association. In usually sunny California, counting on rain is ill-advised. Special effects courtesy of El Ni-o, however, provided four days of precipitation.
“When you’re dealing with shoots of any kind, you’re always dealt cards–and sometimes they’re not the cards you particularly care for,” said George Piliouras, JWT’s executive creative director on the Ford dealers’ account.
One rain spot was planned, and then, after getting the client’s blessing, JWT, which is also the national agency for Ford Motor Co.’s Ford division, turned what was supposed to be a fair-weather spot into a second rainy spot, Piliouras said.
Two more spots were shot during breaks in the rain. “At least consistently gray skies are pretty easy to light,” Piliouras said.
–Tanya Gazdik