Earthquake Breaks Online HBO Work

NEW YORK — EarthQuake Media broke two online ad campaigns Monday for HBO, promoting the cable network’s new season of “Six Feet Under” and the original documentary “The Laramie Project.”

For “Six Feet Under,” the New York-based interactive shop created a shoshkele ad, or an ad that appears over a browser page and then dissolves into a banner ad. Borrowing the creative concept from the print campaign, the ad provides a first-person viewpoint looking out of a coffin at the faces of featured cast members and promotes the show’s second season which begins March 3. The ad, which plays the series’ theme song, will run on the home pages of and TV Guide Online and in select sections of The New York Times on the Web. [The technology for the shoshkele ad is from United Virtualities.]

EarthQuake also created similarly themed, sound-enabled Unicast superstitials to run on and flash units to run on The campaign is aimed at 35- to 49-year-olds, primarily women, and 18- to 34-year-olds.

For “The Laramie Project,” an HBO original film that focuses on how residents of a small Wyoming town reacted to the murder of Matthew Shepard, EarthQuake created Unicast superstitials to run on,, and

All of the sites except will feature a microsite for the film, which premieres March 9. The iFilm microsite includes a four-minute trailer for the film, while The New York Times microsite features an HBO-sponsored archive to articles the newspaper published on the hate crime. The campaign for the Laramie Project targets 18- to 49-year-olds, skewing women and light television viewers, as well as young adults 18-24.

Spending for the campaigns was not disclosed, but according to CMR Interactive, HBO spent about $300,000 on interactive initiatives in 2000. CMR numbers for 2001 were not immediately available.