Duffy Pushes Providence Journal

BOSTOn—Duffy & Shanley en-courages prospective advertisers to include The Providence Journal in their media plans in its latest campaign for the daily newspaper.

A full-page ad from the Providence, R.I., shop, which began appearing last week, aims to make advertisers aware of the paper’s status as the largest daily in the Rhode Island-southeastern Massachusetts market.

The ad shows a banana peel labeled “The Providence Journal.” The headline: “When it comes to your advertising dollar, nobody beats the 800-pound gorilla. The Providence Journal.”

Additional copy states: “With a single ad in the Journal, you’ll reach more adults than in nine morning or evening news spots on the top three TV stations. More than 15 prime-time spots on all five network TV affiliates. More than 35 morning drive spots on the top seven radio stations.”

Ad pages in the paper, which is owned by Belo Corp. of Dallas, have declined about 10 percent in the first 10 months of 2002, compared with the same period last year, according to the client.

Print executions are running indefinitely in The Journal. Similar outdoor messages will ap-pear in and around Providence.

The shop has worked with the client since 1985. Previous print and broadcast ads have promoted the paper’s news coverage and classified listings to consumers.