Ducking Y2K

When all hell breaks loose Jan. 1, when bank accounts disappear and power goes out and food becomes scarce, Americans will be able to count on at least one old standby: Duck Tape.
So say the makers of Duck Brand Duck Tape in its first-ever outdoor campaign from DDB Chicago.
“Y2K Compliant” announces the billboard’s headline, along with the tagline, “Get the duck to do it.”
“It’s important to remember that Duck Brand Duck Tape will always be there in a pinch,” said Tom Kahl, parent company Manco Inc.’s advertising and promotion coordinator.
The billboards will go up in October and November in Chicago, Atlanta, Cleveland, Bentonville, Ark., and Hickory and Wilkesboro, N.C.
Not everything the billboards advertise may be immune to the Y2K bug, though. Only time will tell how Manco’s Web site,, fares. — Trevor Jensen