Does a One-Stop Shop

When looking for an agency to help launch and market their Web site, the management of, Kansas City, Mo., had a list of three hometown agencies they wanted to visit. They wound up stopping at only one.
The awarded its $12-15 million integrated account to Bernstein-Rein Advertising last week without a review. Company president Gary Simmons said he was so impressed with the agency’s team, he didn’t feel a need to call on the other two agencies–Valentine Radford and Barkley Evergreen & Partners.
“By the time I got through with a second round of meetings with Bernstein-Rein, I didn’t need to go through with the other meetings,” Simmons said.
He credited the agency’s brand building experience and the team’s ability to “understand our vision and capture our sense of excitement” as reasons for calling off the review.
“We seem to have a good handle on [ accounts], and applying our brand building and retail experience seems to be working for us,” said Bob Bernstein, president and chief executive officer of the agency. is an e-commerce transaction company, which will provide third-party payment options–through escrowed accounts–and shipping services to Internet buyers and sellers.
The shop’s first work will break around the time of the site’s mid-July launch, Simmons said. K