‘Don’t Go Without’ at ColorTyme

Gleason/Calise Associates breaks its first advertisingJune 1 for ColorTyme, the nation’s largest rent-to-own store franchise.

The Dallas shop created a “Don’t go without” tagline to appeal to the firm’s traditional market of low-income or credit-challenged consumers.

Executed in both English and Spanish, three 30-second TV spots—”Phantom Fridge,” “Turkey Drop” and “Finger Puppets”—show average people oblivious to the fact that they are missing essential products in their homes such as refrigerators, tables and televisions.

In one hilarious spot, a male football fan jumps and shouts ecstatically at what seems to be his television. When the camera pulls back, the viewer sees another man with finger puppets is actually crouched down behind the TV frame, providing his friend’s sports entertainment.

The agency plans to shoot four additional spots in “The pretender” series in the next few months. Ads will tie in to specific seasonal events.

All three commercials were directed by Gleason/Calise executive creative director Don Sedei and produced by Rocket Productions.

Other elements of the campaign include radio, direct mail, point-of-purchase, local store marketing promotions and signage.

The three commercials will air on national spot television based on franchise participation. Advertising expenditures last year were just over $1 million, according to Competitive Media Reporting.