Do-It-Yourself Ad Production

No one can deny the Internet is a handy tool. You can book a hotel room, get a far-off weather forecast, find love in all the wrong places and now be your own creative department.
A Spartanburg, S.C.-based company’s Web site,, offers an online catalog of ready-to-use art that enables clients to assemble a color or black-and-white ad, on their own, at a fraction of what an agency would charge.
The process is touted as being simple. Once logged on to the Web site, the user chooses from a selection of ready-made ad concepts and layouts then adds his or her own headline, body copy and logo. The ad can then be downloaded to the user’s computer (which is when the fee is charged) and it’s off to the newspaper, magazine or even the awards show judges.
The cost varies from $49.50 for a monochrome ad without photography to $297 for a four-color piece with photo or illustration.
All that’s missing is a virtual client to second guess everything and demand changes.
…..–Jim Osterman