DiMassimo Boosts 5

Declaring that his agency has expanded from being an audacious small shop to an audacious midlevel one, Mark DiMassimo has appointed five of his senior executives to be partners in DiMassimo Brand Advertising.
Agency founder and executive creative director DiMassimo noted, “We’re going from two [management] layers to three.” He retains more than 75 percent own-ership.
During the past year, DiMassimo said, his agency’s full-time staff has grown from 30 to 80 people, and billings have jumped from $50 million to $150 million, thanks to clients such as Gomez Advisors, Smart Money, Youdecide.com, Crunch Fitness, Buyandhold.com, Kinkos.com and the Plaza Hotel, New York.
The new partners all have an equal, undisclosed stake in the agency. They are as follows: director of brand management Melissa Brooks, director of business development Lee Goldstein, executive producer Carla Hall, director of brand planning Jonathan Lee and director of brand media/new media Doug Ray.
DiMassimo said the new structure casts off a “small-shop mental-ity,” whereby a shop’s founder or founders continue to micromanage operations.
The arrangement also allows the agency to retain its team of executives, provides junior staffers with opportunities for career growth, and creates a structure that gives the shop “equity flexibility” for possible future partnerships with a larger entity. DiMassimo said no partnerships currently are being planned.
The agency’s recent campaign for Crunch features the fitness chain’s “Who wants to kick a millionaire’s ass?” promotion. It offers six weeks of free kickboxing lessons and the chance to box an actual millionaire.
“During sex, you think about stock splits,” proclaims one commercial in the shop’s campaign for SmartMoney.com. “You’re ready.” The tagline: “You’re ready. Smart Money.”