Digitas Opens High-Tech Marketing Lab

Digitas is looking to take campaign research and testing to a new level with its Multi-Channel Marketing Automation Lab,

The facility, which has opened in the agency’s San Francisco office, uses state-of-the-art technology to help clients develop, test and fine-tune multichannel marketing campaigns.

Through the lab, clients of the Boston agency can work with shop staff to build and refine marketing solutions across multiple media. Entire global campaigns—integrating everything from direct mail to TV spots and phone-center fulfillment—can be modeled in the lab, agency executives said.

Digitas believes it can offer a significant cost and time savings by providing a one-stop solution for clients that would otherwise have to make investments in technology or work with multiple vendors to achieve their goals.

Also christened as a new-business conduit, the lab is funded by Intel and uses that company’s processors. Software is provided by SAP. Digitas has an arrangement with both Intel and SAP through which the companies will use the lab as a vehicle to share client leads.

The lab is linked via the Web to Digitas’ Boston headquarters and its other offices, giving staff and clients access from remote locations.

Digitas, a large independent shop, specializes in interactive and direct marketing for clients including American Express, AT&T, Delta Air Lines, General Motors and FedEx.