DDB Revives Lowe’s ‘Steven’ Character for Dell

DDB Chicago brings back “Steven,” the punkish twenty something character with com puter know-how, in a new round of spots for Dell Computer targeting consumers.

Steven was introduced last year in spots from Lowe Lintas & Partners, which was then handling the retail portion of the Round Rock, Texas, company’s $200 million account. The business was consolidated at DDB in April following a review.

In bringing him back, Dell is pushing Steven as the company’s consumer representative. “We’re just starting to noodle around with it to see what kinds of opportunities are presented [for] our overall branding,” said Dave Marmonti, vp of marketing for Dell’s U.S. consumer operations.

In resurrecting Steven, DDB relied on research that showed consumers reacted favorably to him. “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it,” said Paul Tilley, group creative director on Dell at DDB.

Five 60-second commercials show Steven in various situations encouraging viewers to upgrade their computers and buy a Dell. The spots broke earlier this month and are the first Dell work from DDB to target consumers. The ads continue DDB’s tagline “Easy as Dell.”

In Lowe’s spots, Steven was seen making videos for his parents that explained why they should buy him a Dell computer. DDB’s effort puts him in “broader situations,” such as sitting on a ’70s-era couch, being in a mall and at work, Tilley said.