Dailey Extends Tosco’s 76 Campaign

TV Spot Ties NASCAR Affiliation to Brand’s Family-Friendly Image
LOS ANGELES-Just in time for the summer driving season, Dailey & Associates breaks the next phase of a campaign for Tosco’s 76 brand of products.
The estimated $3-5 million effort includes outdoor and print ads and a TV spot that is airing in Arizona, California and Florida.
The 30-second spot is a takeoff of a previous ad from the West Hollywood, Calif., agency that featured professional race car driver Dale Earnhardt pulling into a 76 gas station with his NASCAR pit crew. (76 is the official fuel of NASCAR.)
The new ad shows a family of five pulling up to a 76 pump in a minivan. Like a pit crew would, the parents and kids scramble out to pump gas, squeegee the windshield and check the tires. A voiceover says, “Every time you pull into 76, you have something in common with NASCAR.” Images of a NASCAR pit crew are intercut. Despite all the activity, the group manages to get back into the car in a record 13 seconds. “Way to go, gang,” exclaims the dad to his wife and kids. The tag remains, “Get the spirit of 76.”
“Our NASCAR affiliation is helping to improve quality perception [of the brand],” said Noel Evans, group management supervisor. “All indications are the campaign is working gangbusters.”
Outdoor ads, running in Western markets outside Los Angeles, use one-word headlines such as “Vroom,” “Move” and “Go,” with the bright orange 76 logo filling in as each “O.’ The boards also tout 76’s ProPower cleaner-burning fuel.
“All four boards are simple but powerful executions that provide a performance message while leveraging … the logo,” Evans added.
A print ad shows a fuel gauge that ties together all three Tosco brands (76 Gasoline, 76 Motor Oil and Circle K Convenience Stores), positioning the station as the place to “pit” when running on empty.
The agency won the Phoenix-based company’s 76 account in 1997 after a review. Ad spending was approximately $7 million last year, according to Competitive Media Reporting. ƒ