Crocs “Feel the Love”

This commercial makes Crocs look cute, but there’s a problem: The ad, the first from new agency Cramer-Krasselt, isn’t selling the colorful clogs that made the company famous, but also its line of more fashion-friendly fare. A woman walks into her home after a long day’s work in high heels. A pair of bright red animated shoes perks up like the family pet and hops to greet her. (In a clever touch, they wear miniature versions of themselves on their pudgy little legs.) “Meet Croslite,” the voiceover says. “The loyal, loving, good-for-you technology in every pair of Crocs.” The tagline is “Feel the love,” and the ad closes with pics of the brand’s various styles. But it’s hard to feel the love for anything but those animated Croslites. It’ll take more than anthropomorphized shoes to convince even those most devoted to Croc comfort to consider the brand for anything but indoor or errand wear. –Eleftheria Parpis