Crime Fighter Battles Grime With Help From P&G

BOSTON Last year, Procter & Gamble ran a TV spot in which characters from The Cat in the Hat interacted with several home-cleaning products.

This time, P&G’s fabric care department gets to have fun with The Incredibles, the animated Disney-Pixar movie about a family of superheroes living in the suburbs.

In “Sure, I’m Flexible,” Mrs. Incredible, aka Elastigirl, explains, “Being a superhero is great. But I’ve got the same challenges other moms do.” As she speaks, scenes are intercut of her cleaning the house, taking care of the children and battling bad guys. Considering her unique powers, bathing the kids in one room while stretching an arm to another part of the house to put clothes in the washing machine is no problem, giving new meaning to the phrase, “In the home stretch.” What is a problem is getting crime-fighting gunk and scum out of their uniforms. “My superpowers alone won’t keep their clothes looking incredible,” she laments.

That’s where P&G products Tide, Downy and Bounce work together to fight dirt like a Justice League of Clean.

A voiceover says about the products, “[They] keep your clothes looking newer 50 percent longer, so you can use your powers where they’re really needed.”

Mrs. Incredible is again seen stretching herself between chores and criminals. “Sure, I’m flexible,” she says. “Show me a mom who isn’t.”

The spot was crafted by Westport, Conn.-based Concept One.