Creative Transfusions

Students are on vacation, but advertising professionals may be flocking to what could become the hottest course at the Creative Circus: Bob Gill’s Creative Workshop.

Gill, a New York Art Directors Club Hall of Famer, will try to inject some energy into a routine that, for many veteran creatives, has become listless and repetitive—their jobs.

Gill is casting a wide net for the June 22 day-long revival to be held at the Atlanta ad school. He’s asking potential attendees if their “challenge is not doing the work, but simply coming to work?”

The agenda includes individual critiques and a discussion of Gill’s process of transforming “ordinary design and advertising problems” into “original ideas and unique solutions.”

That morning session is followed by an afternoon of problem-solving exercises.

The seminar kicks off with coffee and bagels; it ends, ominously, with coffee and aspirin.