Corndogus Eternus

Putting on the Midwest’s largest state fair is a Herculean task, and Bolin Marketing and Advertising reflects that in its new campaign for the Minnesota State Fair.
The campaign’s overriding image is a flaming corn dog meant to look like the Olympic torch.
The image, which appears in print, outdoor and TV advertising, was suggested by fair officials in a brainstorming session, said John Porter, the Minneapolis agency’s executive creative director.
“Our creative team went through their collective ideas later and thought, ‘This is it, the perfect symbol,'” he said. “Corndogus Eternus was born.”
Though there are no flaming corn dogs at the fair (which is ranked fifth among North American fairs by Amusement Business magazine), there is talk of creating a Corndogus Eternus monument for next year’s event.
–Aaron Baar