Coming Attraction

A 12-year-old boy swaggers around like a man-about-town in “Big Spender,” The Ad Store’s latest work for Loews Cineplex Entertainment.
Out for a night at the movies with his 13-year-old girlfriend, the boy hands out Loews gift certificates like tips-first to his chauffeur-mom (“Buy a little something for the hubby”), then to a guy behind the candy counter and finally to a ticket-taker (“Get yourself an ice cream”).
In between, he orders a meal of snacks for his sweetheart, with whom he flirts and flatters. His worldly charm disappears inside the theater, however, when the girl calls his bluff and asks, “You want to sit in the back?” After a sheepish nod, he settles in with his arm around her chair, only to turn around and get a big surprise. “Mom?” he says, incredulously.
Shot at a Loews theater in New Jersey, the 50-second ad breaks next month in theaters across the country (Loews operates 450). It was directed by agency creative director Paul Cappelli and written by copywriter Paul Schmidt. The art director was Vassil Valkov.
-Andrew McMains