Coco + Co. Drafts Consultant

BOSTON Coco + Co., a marketing and corporate communications shop in Ward Hill, Mass., said it has hired Kathy Sciacca as a strategy consultant.

In that new post at the independent agency, Sciacca will work with various clients on public relations and marketing projects.

She spent 10 years at the daily Eagle-Tribune in Lawrence, Mass., as a special sections editor, where she helped put together inserts on a wide range of topics such as real estate, the automotive market and fitness. She also worked as a section editor at the paper and as a reporter in Lynn, Mass., covering the police, courts and politics.

The agency believes “her years as a newsroom professional will make her ideas and advice invaluable,” said agency CEO Tim Coco.

Sciacca said she views her role as helping clients “navigate the complex world of media.”

Coco + Co. works mainly for companies in the financial services, construction and real estate sectors. The shop handles everything from print ads and Web content to collateral and publicity.