Young & Rubicam’s Bay Area office agitated quite a few San Fran cisco residents last year with its biting campaign for the City of Oakland, but the shop is taking a kinder approach in its latest print and billboard ads for the city.

The new ads, for an Oakland beautification project, aim to “instill a sense of pride in Oakland,” agency president Penny Baldwin said. Gone are the characterizations of San Francisco as “the other city by the Bay” that caused a media storm last summer. Those ads encouraged San Fran cisco residents to move to Oakland for better weather and lower rents.

Instead, the latest ads encourage Oakland residents to keep the city clean. One ad reads: “Dump boyfriends, not major appliances.”

“It’s a different campaign and a different objective,” said Baldwin. “The old strategy was galvanized behind a common foe—San Francisco.”

“It’s still hard-hitting, but we’re using a different strategy because we have different objectives,” Baldwin said.

The work is running locally.

San Francisco, which is still mired in the dot-com bust and the mass exodus of many would-be millionaires, probably appreciates the break.