A Christmas Delivery

What happens when a rebel elf hijacks Santa’s sleigh for a joyride and crashes headlong into a snow bank? Viewers will find out in a new spot for United Parcel Service breaking this week.
Ammirati Puris Lintas hopes its new stop-motion animation ad, which bows Dec. 10, will be a perennial. It features puppet-like animated figures such as those used in children’s specials like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, although creative director Adam Goldstein said APL did not try to imitate a specific show.
In the spot, a North Pole-bound Santa calls upon UPS to deliver his Christmas loot. It ends with the UPS delivery man (shown here), his brown uniform next to Santa’s red suit, receiving a pat on the back.
“It’s meant to be UPS’ Christmas special,” Goldstein said. “The plot is the same as any classic story: How will we save Christmas?”
Comedian Gilbert Gottfried gives voice to the recalcitrant, joyriding elf, whose parting shot is, “Can I drive?” Will Vinton Studios, which created the California Raisins, provided the animation. –Sloane Lucas