Chex Marks New CME Spot

General Mills uses a new tagline to position Chex cereals as a unique eating experience in new work from Campbell Mithun Esty in Minneapolis.
“Chex has always struggled to explain what eating the cereal was like,” CME account supervisor Todd Allard said. “They had a tough time putting it into words.”
In an effort to do just that, a TV spot uses a new tag, “Have you had your Chexsperience?” which is intended to show that eating Chex is different than eating other cereals, particularly flakes, Allard said. Vignettes of people talking about Chex’s square shape and crunchiness complete the work.
The new tag replaces CME’s nearly 2-year-old “Chex marks the spot” line. That line supported a campaign that was more taste-focused and had music as its only soundtrack.
The new work is more personal and “speaks to the user where they live,” Allard said. However, it does keep the shot of milk pouring through the Chex latticework.
The spot is airing on national, spot and cable TV in early morning and during prime time.It supports the brand’s core Rice Chex, Wheat Chex and Corn Chex products, Allard said. Honey Nut Chex, which bowed last fall, is treated as a separate entity, with advertising and a “Welcome to Generation Chex” tag developed by Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, he said.
General Mills spent $37 million last year on advertising for all its Chex brands–including Honey Nut and Chex Mix–according to Competitive Media Reporting.