Chemistri Continues Search for Mr. Goodwrench

DETROIT GM will continue the search for Mr. Goodwrench in two new spots breaking this week starring Stephen Colbert, who will be joined in his quest by The Daily Show cohort Brian Posehn.

The effort, from Publicis Groupe’s Chemistri in Troy, Mich., sees Colbert “Looking for Mr. Goodwrench” with Posehn, driving to GM dealerships nationwide in an ongoing search for what they believe is the “one and only Mr. Goodwrench.”

In “Stakeout,” the pair is in the parking lot of a GM Goodwrench, using high-tech equipment in their search. When Colbert asks Posehn why he can’t find Mr. Goodwrench. Posehn replies, “They’re all experts, but I can’t tell one from the other.” Colbert later says he believes his companion was once “in the service.” Posehn responds: “I said I was in the service industry—I’m an aroma therapist.”

In “APB,” Colbert asks a mounted police officer to put out an all points bulletin for Mr. Goodwrench. Colbert tells the officer, “[Mr. Goodwrench] purports to train over a million hours a year. Do you know what that means?” The officer replies, “Expertise?” Colbert responds, “Two words: labor law infraction.”

The two new spots will run through mid-2005, with others planned for the next 12 to 18 months.

Spending for the campaign was not disclosed. Detroit-based GM spent nearly $55 million on Mr. Goodwrench advertising last year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

Brandweek staff report