CCF Creates Stop-Smoking Ads for MPAAT

CHICAGO The Minnesota Partnership for Action Against Tobacco is launching a program designed to help people quit smoking with advertising from Clarity Coverdale Fury.

The television, print and outdoor campaign from the Minneapolis agency is themed, “What’s your plan?” and highlights MPAAT’s QuitPlan, which helps smokers create an individualized plan to quit.

In one television spot, a man reaches for his cigarettes only to be forced away by a snarling wolf. Even though he asks the wolf to allow him “just one,” the animal continues to guard the cigarettes. As the man praises the wolf, onscreen text asks, “What’s your plan to quit smoking.” A voiceover says QuitPlan can help “develop a better way to stop.” Another spot shows a woman finding an easier way to scale a cliff wall.

Outdoor continues the theme, with executions showing a woman with a tattoo reading, “Kick me if I smoke,” and nails sticking out of a cigarette. Headlines for the outdoor effort read, “What’s your plan?”

The campaign is scheduled to run throughout Minnesota until June 2004. Spending is expected to be about $1.5 million.

MPAAT is a St. Paul, Minn.-based nonprofit organization that is partially financed through Minnesota’s 1998 $6.6 billion tobacco settlement.