Carmichael Lynch Gets ‘Inspired’ for A.T. Cross

Carmichael Lynch up dates A.T. Cross’ image with a campaign that uses a new tagline and a media buy designed to introduce the pen maker’s products to younger consumers.

“A lot of people think of [Cross] as the skinny-gold-pen company,” said Libby Brockhoff, group creative director at the Minneapolis agency. “We [have] to let people know this brand is a progressive brand.”

The campaign, which introduces the tagline “Inspired,” attempts to position Cross pens as an essential accessory in today’s business world. Spending is about $5 million.

“People come to meetings with what we call ‘meeting gear,’ ” Brockhoff said. “Cross has a place there.”

The new tag replaces “The pen, pushed,” which CL introduced for the Lincoln, R.I., company in advertising last year. The change was made to reflect a broader range of products—from day planners to personal digital-device covers—that Cross plans to introduce later this year, said Jim Scott, an account director at the agency.

“The accounting department will never refer to you as employee 2566 again,” reads one ad, touting Cross’ Ion model pen. An execution for the Matrix pen (which has different colored ink and styluses) reads, “Five pens in one. To think that one day not long ago man wrote with a goose feather.”

Work will appear in lifestyle magazines such as Cosmopol itan, GQ and Glamour, as well as publications skewed to young professionals, such as PC Magazine and Fast Company. This represents an effort by Cross to introduce the products to a younger audience, said Brian Wilcox, client director of global marketing.