CanalesTo Cartel Creativo

After a review of undisclosed agencies around the country, Cartel Creativo has picked up advertising duties for Canales n, a new Spanish-language cable TV package offered by Liberty Media Corp. and International Channel Networks.
Cartel president Victoria Hudson said the agency has launched television, radio, print and outdoor ads promoting Canalesto TCI cable subscribers in more than two dozen markets in Florida, South Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah and New Mexico. Billings are undisclosed.
Cartel in San Antonio also developed the network’s name and graphic identity.
Canales – is available through 31 TCI cable TV systems nationwide. Its programming is in front of one million subscribers. Liberty, the programming arm of TCI, offers Canales – and limited basic service for about $10 a month.
Two 30-second TV spots created by Cartel introduce viewers to the nine-channel Canales – lineup, which includes Discovery en Espanol, Fox Sports Americas, CBS Telenoticias, CNN en Espa-ol and CineLatino.
Liberty vice president David Jensen said the number of Canalessubscribers at this point is modest, but the company sees significant growth potential in offering original Spanish-language programming to a largely untapped market.
According to 1997 TCI research, at least 50 percent of the Hispanic population does not subscribe to cable. Cartel also discovered that cable penetration in Hispanic communities runs 30-40 percent–significantly lower than the national average of 65 percent or better.
Hudson said she views Canalesas Liberty’s opportunity to compete with the near-monopoly status long enjoyed by Univision, the country’s dominant Spanish-language network.
Liberty parent TCI has partial ownership in Univision’s closest competitor, Telemundo.