Like so many recent commercials, a new TV spot features familiar faces declaring their love for New York, but this time, something’s different.

They’re all Canadian.

In the pro bono spot, by Wolf Group in Tor onto, Canadian personalities such as Kim Cattrall, Dan Aykroyd and Prime Minister Jean Chrétien all urge their countrymen and women to visit New York during the weekend of Nov. 30 to Dec. 2. Aykroyd runs through Manhattan’s Times Square, and Cattrall says she loves the city because of its beautiful women and “sexy men.”

The spot ends with a Canadian flag, a heart sign and the letters “N.Y.” on a black background.

The work began running last week on network TV in Canada. Can ada Loves N.Y., a group of local political and business leaders, came up with the idea, which will include low plane fare and hotel rates, as well as events in New York specifically for Canadians.

“Canadians feel a tremendous kinship with New York,” said Larry Wolf, chairman and CEO of Wolf Group. “We’re the closest friend and neighbor of the U.S.”

The group tapped the shop for the spot after seeing its “I Love N.Y.” commercial, which the New York office created for the Empire State Development Corp.