Calling All K-9s

When the police department in St. Paul, Minn., revealed it was desperately short of German Shepherds in this year’s K-9 recruiting class, Minneapolis agency Martin/Williams was happy to help.
“We said, “We don’t have any dogs, but how about some ads?'”
said copywriter Jill Palmquist. The result is a humorous pro bono campaign.
St. Paul is one of the few cities in the country that relies on donations to fill its police department’s K-9 division, Palmquist said. To increase awareness among disenchanted owners and breeders, the agency created posters to hang in pet stores and veterinary clinics.
The posters feature a burly officer posing with a not-so-fierce-looking Yorkie, and a headline expressing the “desperate” need for German Shepherds.
The ads worked, as the department filled its spring class and plans to use the posters again in the fall, Palmquist said.
-Aaron Baar