C-K Assembles Splices of Hyatt Life

CHICAGO Hyatt Hotels Corp. is returning to television advertising after a 10-year hiatus with a new $20 million campaign from Cramer-Krasselt here.

The campaign, entitled “Spliced,” consists of 14 TV spots. In each ad, dramatized vignettes taking place in Hyatt rooms across the country are spliced together to form one cohesive story. The spots end with the line, “This is not your typical hotel story. This is the Hyatt touch.”

Oscar-nominated director Scott Hicks and Academy Award-winning director of photography Bob Richardson directed the commercials. The ads were filmed on location at Hyatt properties in Chicago, Hawaii and Seattle.

“We are defying category conventions with this campaign, and I think that is what attracted our A-list production team,” said Karen Seaman, associate general manager of the independent agency.

The spots will run through 2005 on cable stations such as CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, ESPN and Bravo. A print version will break in early 2005 in lifestyle, business and travel publications. The Chicago-based hotelier said it would spend $20 million on the advertising campaign.