Bronner’s Lobster Tale

Every year Bronner Slosberg Humphrey arranges for its clients to receive four live lobsters as a seasonal token of appreciation. This year the offer is couched in terms of a bizarre animal rights battle between the Boston shop’s chief creative officer, Michael Slosberg, and chairman Michael Bronner.
Recipients are asked to either “Get them free” or “Set them free” (the lobsters, not the agency principals).
Posing as the leader of The Acclaimed International Lobster Society (TAILS), Slosberg insists that “lobsters like being captured –
It is the highest of honors.” Those who join TAILS receive a shipment of four live, cold-packed lobsters. The mailing shows Slosberg wearing a bib.
TAILS’ rival, the Crustacean Liberation Army of the World (CLAW), headed by Bronner, urges recipients vote to emancipate the captive crustaceans. In the mailing, Bronner details the “brutal barbaric ritual” of boiling lobsters alive “because someone didn’t feel like eating chicken.”
–David Gianatasio