Boston sound finally found

When Holland Mark Advertising finished shooting its campaign for employment site, the only missing element was the right music to complement the moody black-and-white footage of local landmarks and attractions.

Discovering New Train, a CD by blues musician Paul Pena, was like “Finding a needle the haystack,” said Jay Sweet, music supervisor at the Planetary Group, Boston, which worked on the spot with Holland Mark.

New Train was cut in 1973 and features Pena playing with established musicians like Jerry Garcia, T-Bone Walker and Merle Saunders. It was shelved because of an apparent lack of commercial appeal. A cut from the collection, “A Little Bit of All Right” was chosen for the TV component of the BostonWorks campaign.

Pena, a native of Hyannis, Mass., who now lives in San Francisco, was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

“It’s like a coming home for an artist who has been forsaken,” Sweet said. “To have this happen gives me a good feeling.”