Boost Mobile “Blow-dryer”

Who knew Mrs. Claus was a love ’em and leave ’em type of gal. Or that she cheats on good ol’ St. Nick. In the latest Boost Mobile commercial from 180 in Los Angeles, we learn that Mrs. Claus has been busy while Santa has been engrossed in his Christmas duties. The spot, created in holiday classics-style stop-motion animation from Curious Pictures, opens with a shot of Rudolph, mouth agape, looking into a window. The scene shifts to Mrs. Claus, who’s in bed with a snowman, presumably the most famous one, Frosty. But who knows — maybe she picked up a random one on an elf’s front lawn. “You think this is wrong?” she asks viewers. “Santa is busy and I have neeeeeds.” I think we could do without thinking of Mrs. Claus with any of those type of needs, but that’s the point of this ad breaking tomorrow for the Motorola Debut i856. Before you get a chance to adjust to the fact that Santa’s wife has a naughty side, it gets even naughtier. As the spot closes, she is destroying the evidence by turning the blow dryer on her fling without even waiting for him to get out of bed! Another attention-getting execution from the pleasantly cringe-worthy “Unwronged” campaign.–Eleftheria Parpis