Bojangles “Horse”

It’s not every day you see a commercial in which a woman who has just gone into labor apparently elects to speed (on horseback, no less) to a fast-food outlet rather than to a hospital. Nor, perhaps, would you wish to witness such a spectacle every day. But you’ve got to give full credit for exuberance to this spot for Bojangles (via BooneOakley of Charlotte, N.C.) as it conveys the import of the line, “It’s Bo Time.” A rumble in one’s stomach signals that Bo Time has arrived. So, when the husband’s stomach in this spot gives a loud rumble, it takes precedence over the very-pregnant wife’s groaning announcement that her own time has arrived. But she’s as enthusiastic about Bo Time as he is, to judge by the cheery way she fires a couple of six-shooters as they ride across country. (We can only guess how she’s managed to deliver the baby when, at the end of the spot, she’s seen carrying it into a Bojangles.) There’s a sensibility here that cries out to be described as white trash and proud of it. I can’t say the spot or similar ones in the series leave me feeling that Bojangles is a high-quality chain. But for viewers who are already fans, the campaign will do a worthy job of reinforcing the message that this is their kind of place. And if a fast feeder can achieve “my-kind-of-place” status with a decent-sized cohort of loyalists, its time has surely arrived. –Mark Dolliver