BMW Plays Youth Card

M/Z Spots Celebrate Those ‘Young at Heart’
LOS ANGELES–BMW drivers are more youthful than their counterparts who drive other luxury car brands.
That’s the message of Mendelsohn/Zien Advertising’s “Young at heart” campaign for BMW’s Western region.
Four 30-second TV spots tout the Los Angeles-based dealer association’s claim that “On average, BMW drivers are 10 years younger than other luxury car drivers.” The spots, all shot in black and white, show the BMW 5 Series zipping through winding mountain roads, accompanied by rhythmic music. They use quick action shots combined with freeze frames and slow-motion photography.
In one spot, a voiceover says, “People say the older you get, the slower you move. But maybe the slower you move, the older you get.”
In another spot, the voiceover says, “Mention cruising and not every luxury car driver conjures up bingo, shuffleboard and dancing on B deck.”
The spots are airing on network and cable in markets covered by BMW of North America’s Western Region Dealer Association, including L.A., San Francisco, Denver and Portland, Ore.
“Our data showed that overall, BMW owners tend to be about 10 years younger and have more active lifestyles compared to other luxury car owners,” said Claudia Caplan, creative director at the L.A. agency. “We were a little wary at first about using that data. But our focus groups responded positively.”
M/Z has handled the estimated $19 million account since 1993.
Separately, the agency has landed ad duties for the L.A. Avengers, an expansion team of the Arena Football League. Billings were not disclosed.