Blaine’s NBA Tricks Are Treats

NEW YORK What better way to explain the super-human feats performed by the NBA’s superstars than magic? At least that’s how illusionist David Blaine explains it in a new campaign from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco, called “Unbelievable.” In this spot, Blaine plays it straight as he muses about how the Warriors’ Baron Davis can make a shot from anywhere on the court. “Is it magic or magnets?” he asks, as he explains how Davis places magnets on the ball to ensure it will be attracted to the metal rim. He demonstrates, taking the ball and making a shot from the other side of the court. “Don’t believe me?” he says, then “watch the NBA playoffs and you’ll see there is no other explanation.” Blaine’s deadpan performance and the comical look at the brightest talents of the game are an entertaining way to remind viewers to tune in. In another spot, he reveals that Yao Ming really plays as two people.