Billboards pass DNA TEST

The Creative Department in Cincinnati has revealed a nose for controversy with its outdoor ad campaign for DNA-paternity test company Genetic Discovery.
One of the billboards in particular has attracted notoriety: It shows a baby with a Pinocchio-like nose and the headline, “Is his mother a liar?”
The outdoor ad’s May launch led to both new business for the shop and angry phone calls for Cincinnati-based Genetic Discovery.
One group of callers–missing the large print–attacked the ad for portraying the infant as a liar, said company communications director Lisa McDaniel.
“Some people are blown away by the fact that we’re even advertising,” she added.
“We took a humorous approach with this because it would get the job done,” said Steve Deiters, creative director at the agency.
The Pinocchio ad–which will continue indefinitely–and another billboard referring to Darth Vader’s paternity of Luke Skywalker mark the company’s first national advertising campaign.
–Jenn Goddu