Behind The Scenes

For Adidas’ “Impossible Field,” which broke on Friday in the U.S., creatives at 180 in Amsterdam had to figure out a way to show soccer luminaries, including David Beckham and Raul Gonzalez, playing on a field where lines marking the field have become beams suspended in the air. To do so, they created a giant set in a Madrid warehouse and spent a week painting all the walls and exposed surfaces blue. Then they filmed the athletes, as well as a team of Spanish stunt people, running along suspended beams and playing on three different sets. The creatives worked off a 60-second “pre-vis,” a computer generated previsualization of the spot, which was the “holy grail” for the team. The spot, directed by Daniel Kleinman, was shot over nine days. “It was weird because there were no windows,” says 180 cd Dean Maryon. “So we spent nine days in a room [where] everywhere you look is blue.”