Beer commercials generally show beer and people. Often, this is one element too many. We like the beer; we have our doubts about the people. Think of it this way: It’s a sobering experience to join friends (let alone strangers) who are several beers ahead of you, and that’s the sense we get from the typical camaraderie-plus-beer vignette. Beck’s is wise to reduce humanity to a purely typographical presence as the screen shows bubbles rising through a green glass bottle. Bursts of onscreen type add up the message: “Team’s down45 points. Quarterback has concussion. Cheerleaders wearing jackets. Cooler of ice-cold Beck’s. Is this a great game or what?” If the spot showed a bunch of half-drunken yobs in a grandstand, we’d have a hard time identifying with them—even if we sometimes enjoy being half-drunken yobs ourselves. The simple text gives us more leeway to imagine (or recall) ourselves in this sort of situation. And since Beck’s conveys the message in an unorthodox way, we’re more likely to accept a slogan positioning the brand as “A beer apart.”Agency

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