BBDO Helps Chrysler Boast About 300c

DETROIT Chrysler Corp. will break large print ads on Monday in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, Time and Newsweek touting the Chrysler 300c sedan as the “most-awarded new car in history.”

The ads will run over four pages, said a Chrysler representative. On the first page, he said, the ad points out that the 300c won Motor Trend‘s car of the year; the second page notes that it was named Automobile magazine’s car of the year; the third page boasts that it won North American International Auto Show car of the year; and the fourth page says “We should just speed things up” and then lists many of the other awards won by the 300c in the last 10 months. The fourth page also directs readers to for a complete list, which includes awards given by Car & Driver and Money magazines.

BBDO in Detroit, Chrysler’s lead agency, created the ads.

The 300c was launched in April 2004 and won much fanfare when pop-culture and sports figures like Snoop Dogg and Shaquile O’Neill purchased them and voiced their appreciation of the car’s styling. Chrysler reported sales of 100,000 300c’s last year.

“We’re not sure yet how long the ads will run—we haven’t decided on the length of the rotation yet,” said Mike Perugi, brand manager at Chrysler. “Eventually, the ads will probably run in other publications, but those plans are not finalized yet.”

Perugi said the company has not yet decided whether a TV component would be added to the campaign.