BaylessCronin in Healthcare, Credit Arenas

ATLANTA BaylessCronin will re-enter the healthcare field with work for Cypress Care, the agency said.

The Atlanta Omnicom shop, a unit of Merkley Newman Harty & Partners of New York, said it would also handle a strategic assignment from CompuCredit, here.

According to Michael Palma, director of business development at BaylessCronin, the first work for startup Cypress Care involves creating identity and sales collateral.

The 2-year-old company tracks the lowest prescription drug prices via its database, then acts as a provider for government and private businesses in the workmen’s compensation niche.

Billings for the business-to-business account were not disclosed.

The agency will also re-enter the financial services category when its work eventually breaks for CompuCredit.

Mark Kooyman, agency director of brand strategy, said the project for CompuCredit includes assisting the company, also in Atlanta, with creating “avenues of communication.”

The client offers financial products and credit card access to market segments that are typically denied those services, according to Kooyman. “The customer base is a broad mix,” he said. “That might be someone with a new MBA but a lot of debt, or a middle manager who’s been laid off for nine months.”

The CompuCredit assignment will probably involve direct mail, said Kooyman.