Bacardi Martini Bianco “A Beautiful Race”

A ritzy cocktail party, filled with fashionable people, in some fabulous Mediterranean isle setting is pretty much de rigeur for a spot selling Bacardi Martini Bianco. What is unexpected in this one from Momentum is the star of the scene: none other than George Clooney, sporting a creepy penci-thin moustache. He really works the stache, as he spots, across the room, his one true love: a freshly poured Martini. Gorgeously shot in black and white by director Francois Girard (cinematographer Janusz Kaminiski) with bits of color in the drinks and the bottle, the lure of the drink turns Clooney into a clueless Inspector Clouseau-like ham, racing to get to the bar before his competition for the drink, played by actress Shannyn Sossamon, gets hers. She even trudges through a fountain, and gets there first, but mysteriously decides to hand over the drink to Clooney. He takes it, this time turning into a Euro-lover like Gomez Addams. “Bellissima,” he says, handing her a napkin and growling. She growls back. It’s mildly amusing, but can’t seem to decide whether it’s going for over-the-top humor or the usual luxury. Given all the star power involved, I’d give it two, not three, martinis. –-Barbara Lippert