If you can’t find a jobin advertising, consider running for an elective office. You have more to offer than you know.

Former Ogilvy & Mather copywriter Janine Gerds (pictured below) has turned her passion for persuasion into public service.

Gerds, now freelancing in Atlanta, began serving on the Midtown Neighbors Association’s safety committee shortly after moving into the trendy but crime-riddled community.

This fall she’s running for District 6 City Council representative and has made it into the Nov. 27 runoffs.

“What’s interesting for advertising peopleis that we don’t understand the value of what we do,” said Gerds. “We don’t realize how rare it is being a creative problem solver.”

What notoriously apolitical advertising professionals can offer government, according to Gerds, includes thinking in terms of multiple solutions, finding common ground and understanding what motivates people.