Anderson Hires Creative Director

Mike Scardino has been appointed executive vicepresident and creative director of Anderson Communications Group.

“Mike’s ready to get involved with an aggressive agency with a new business orientation,” said Dave Anderson, agency chairman and chief executive officer. “Because he has a good business head, you can take him into any situation. That’s really hard to find.”

The New York veteran will head ACG’s Charlotte, N.C., office. Anderson’s headquarters are in Hilton Head, S.C.

“I’m interested in the business of business,” said Scardino. “I love great creative, but the thing that has intrigued me is the problem- solving aspect of what we do.”

Most recently chief creative officer at New York’s The Lord Group, a joint operation of Young & Rubicam and Dentsu Corp. of America, Scardino supervised that agency’s Radio Shack account for four years. The Fort Worth, Texas-based account has since gone in-house.

Scardino said that he will be looking at the meaning of branding.

“It used to be just for packaged goods,” he said, “but branding covers the whole spectrum. Clients might think they’re moving box A to box B, but what they’re really doing is giving everyone a good night’s sleep.”