all that jazz

Album sleeves from legendary Blue Note Records and other labels inspired the latest campaign for the Jazz Musicians Emergency Fund.

Sponsored by the Jazz Foundation of America, the fund provides money for food, housing, medical care and other emergency needs for jazz artists, especially those who are elderly and in poor health.

In the new print ads, the musicians’ plights are couched as titles of classic jazz albums. “Too bad you can’t pay for chemotherapy with your heart and soul,” one states. Another maintains, “Dazzling improvisational skills come in handy when you don’t know where your next meal is coming from.” Copy directs readers to the organization’s Web site.

The ads, breaking this month in Playboy, Tower Records magazine and elsewhere, were created by Allen & Gerritsen. The Watertown, Mass., agency has worked for the client on a pro-bono basis for nearly a decade.

The art-copy team of Sarah Cogdon and Aaron DaSilva, working with creative director Mick O’Brien, fashioned the ads.