All About Abboud

Menswear designer Joseph Abboud Worldwide is breaking its first work from Jill Glover Creative Services, a shop best known for its 1998 Anne Klein relaunch using women of accomplishment.
The Abboud print campaign, shot by Herb Ritts, bows in August in such magazines as Vanity Fair, Men’s Journal and Esquire. The Abboud man will be depicted as sophisticated, yet approachable, says Jill Glover, principal of the New York shop.
Handsome, 40-ish men are shown in Abboud clothing, smiling, deep in thought, or looking straight into the camera.
The previous campaign, from D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles, sported the tagline, “Find your own element,” and showed Abboud clothes almost camouflaged by seasonal images such as leaves in autumn.
Glover isn’t using a tagline for Abboud.
“We thought it was enough just to create an image at this point,” she said.
–Kathleen Sampey