Agency News

Val Morgan Cinema Advertising is breaking new interactive advertising on April 21 for the game Pictionary, in conjunction with Hasbro and Hoyts Cinemas. The Rochester-based agency’s spots are slated to debut on more than 700 Hoyts movie screens in the Northeast; the spots challenge audiences to play the game with each other, with slides and clues interspersed throughout the presentations. The effort includes teaser commercials and entry ballots on audience members’ tickets.
Pedone & Partners, New York, is launching a new TV spot for on April 24 that touts Mother’s Day with a tongue-in-cheek look at a modern mother’s hyperactive childhood, as well as at her own mother, who has remained unfazed by her child’s hijinks. The spot, breaking in 60- and 30-second versions, uses flashbacks for the flower-and-gift purveyor and e-tailer to show the challenges of motherhood and to celebrate the unsung heroines who deserve such gifts. The commercial is running through May 10 on networks such as ABC (during the day), Lifetime and A&E.
Follis Advertising has launched a new ad campaign in tristate-area newspapers last week for Tri-State Consumer Insurance Co. that uses a blow-up “love doll” to promote the auto-insurance company. Copy for the New York shop’s print effort, placed over the doll’s picture, reads, “Tri-State can save you hundreds off your auto insurance. How you spend it, that’s up to you.” The tagline reads, “Because better drivers deserve better rates.” Ads also include notices for the Jericho-based client’s Web site, Train-car posters, outdoor and TV media are also planned. Media was coordinated by GFS, New York. Spending is undisclosed.
CDC Communications & Design Consultancy, New York, has recently created a cross-media strategy for fashion-design house b michael, also New York, which includes a new corporate design, company logo, Web site, brochures, promotional videos, labels, price tags and postcards. The effort focuses on the entire brand, comprising the designer’s four different lines, with stylish images and an elegant, minimalist sensibility. The Web site, at, shows the designer’s new brand identity and his latest collections; within the next two months, it will feature an e-business section to promote and sell accessories and millinery as well.
Separately, CDC has developed New York fashion-video producer Videofashion’s corporate site, using streaming audio and video to promote the company’s various program series that are running on E!, as well as to sell videos online.
DVC in Morristown designed the interactive kiosks for during the recent Yahoo! Outloud U.S. concert tour, of which the new Net company was a major sponsor. The kiosks at the national tour, which featured rock bands such as Smash Mouth and Luscious Jackson, were located at each concert venue and served as promotional vehicles enabling students to sign up for a $1,000 sweepstakes at each performance–awards that would go toward their college educations. Students could register at the kiosks and learn about the site, which targets college students and teenagers preparing to go to college; a winner was announced each night at each concert.
Daniel Kaufman, 23, of Middletown, has won the $25,000 Grand Prize of the Shedd’s Spread Country Crock Commercial Contest and received it April 12. The presentation was made at the Marina del Rey Stages in Marina del Rey, Calif. Kaufman has won a 5-day/4-night vacation in Hollywood, Calif., and the chance to see his “homemade” commercial professionally produced, directed and filmed. The spot is a warmhearted, humorous salute to contemporary “grandmas,” who are “hip,” even into their 80s. Kaufman’s commercial debuts nationally on May 14 on ABC, CBS and NBC; the professional remake will air for two weeks afterward. Shedd’s Spread Country Crock is a brand of Unilever, located in Englewood Cliffs.
Todd Fronauer, art director at Schubert Communications in Downingtown, was selected to serve as judge for the Philadelphia Business Marketing Association’s 21st annual Bell Ringer Awards competition at the
Meiji-En Restaurant in Philadelphia on May 18. The event honors the creative efforts of business-to-business marketers.