Agency: The Martin Agency, Richmond, Va. CD: Joe A

Agency: The Martin Agency, Richmond, Va. CD: Joe Alexander AD: Mark Peters CW: Josh Gold Agency prod.: Steve Humble Prod. co.: Hungry Man Dir.: Jim Jenkins Editor: John Anklow, Mad River Post; George Kelly, in-house

After getting his foam finger caught in a car door, a college-football fan collapses in the parking lot. An ambulance comes, the attendants survey the scene and prepare to take the guy—and his “amputated” fingertip—to the hospital. “Your buddy has a big hand,” says a medic to the injured guy’s friend. “I hope he has a heart to match.” Graphic: “Not just fans. SEC fans.” Alltel is a “proud supporter of the Southeastern Conference.”

Agency: FCB, S.F. CDs: Tom O’Keefe, Matt Reinhard AD: Ron Lim CW: Patrick Durkin Sr. prod.: Jim Phox Prod. co.: Headquarters Dir.: Joe Public Editor: Avi Oron, Bikini Editorial Composers: Scott and Roger Wojahn, Wojahn Brothers Music Audio mixer/engineer: Steve Kempster, The Village Recorder

What would the holidays be without the Sweatermen? Dressed as schoolboys, our heroes sing: “ is my favorite toy store. Hey, you’re not the boss of me.” It seems makes each of these melodious madmen “feel like a kid.” This campaign makes Best Spots feel like a witness to 19 men having 38 nervous breakdowns.

Agency: FCB, S.F. CDs: Tom O’Keefe, Matt Reinhard AD: Ron Lim CW: Patrick Durkin Sr. prod.: Jim Phox Prod. co.: Headquarters Dir.: Joe Public Editor: Avi Oron, Bikini Editorial Composers: Scott and Roger Wojahn, Wojahn Brothers Music Audio mixer/engineer: Steve Kempster, The Village Recorder

What exactly does offer for your holiday-shopping pleasure? “Electronics, music, auctions, health and beauty, tools, software, kitchen, cameras, books, lawn and patio, video games, DVDs and toys. “Put them all together,” sing the guys, “and you’ve got EMAHTSKCBLVDT.” Make that 138 nervous breakdowns.

Agency: Lowe Lintas & Partners, N.Y. Co-chief creatives: Lee Garfinkel, Gary Goldsmith Creative group heads: Beth Kosuk, Robert Reiser CD/AD: Carol Fiorino CD/CW: Jeffrey Asch Prod.: John McAdorey Prod. co.: Hungry Man Dir.: Bennett Miller Editor: Jim Rubino, Slingshot Composer: Ray Foote, Big Foote

“Mom, Dad … it’s your son Steve. This year to avoid any confusion, I’m putting my wish list on video. All I want is a computer,” says a college kid, videotaping himself. He goes on to request a Dell with all the bells and whistles. Steve has even cleared space for the PC in his cluttered dorm room.

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, S.F. CD/CW: Paul Venables CD/AD: Greg Bell Agency prod.: Tod Puckett Prod. co.: Propaganda Dirs.: Kuntz and Maguire Editor: Haines Hall, Spot Welders Music: Elias

Parodying VH1’s Behind the Music, this spot chronicles the meteoric rise and fall of Danger Kitty. VO: “The year was 1983 and Danger Kitty released their hit single ‘Love Rocket.’ With it came instant fame and fortune. They bought mansions, cars and the finest women’s clothing.” Of course, the dream ended soon after. DK’s last gig? The Schmuckler bar mitzvah. Graphic: “Some people just can’t live within their means.” Discover Card provides spending management.

Agency: The Martin Agency, Richmond, Va. CD: John Mahoney AD: Cliff Sorah CW: Josh Gold Agency prod.: John Noble Prod. co.: Hungry Man Dir: Stacy Wall Editor: Chuck Willis, Crew Cuts Music: Lee Wall

Visual: stalks of corn in a field. VO: “Why don’t we give our corn to the rootworms?” Visual: girl holding an ice-cream cone with “speckles” in it. VO: “Why don’t we give our ice cream to the flies?” Visual: people stuck to a sidewalk. VO: “[Why don’t we give] our sidewalks to the gum?” The VO asks the original question: “Why don’t we give our corn to the rootworms?” Graphic: “Because we don’t have to.” This ad pitches Capture, a product that controls … um, rootworms?

Agency: Modernista!, Boston CD/Designer: Gary Koepke CD/CW: Lance Jensen Prods.: Leigh Donaldson, Tiffany Richter, The Gap Prod. co.: Bob Industries Dirs.: Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Ferris Editor: John Murray, Nomad Music: Low

Simple and sombre, this holiday spot features young people walking in a snowstorm. Their colorful clothing muted in the blizzard, the kids start a snowball fight, which escalates into a wrestling match. Music is a synthesized version of “The Little Drummer Boy.” Graphic: “Slow down.”

Agency: McCann-Erickson, N.Y.CD: Joyce King Thomas AD: Brian Billow CW: Robert Frost Agency prods.: Jonathan Shipman, Heather Wasser Prod. co.: Bedford Falls Dir.: Kevin Donovan Editor: Chris Hellman, Homestead Music: Louis King, Big Foote

A couple poses for a photo in front of a picturesque fountain. He puts the camera on automatic, runs to her side and both smile for the camera. Unfortunately, another traveler walks into the frame when the picture is snapped. Each time the couple tries to get the shot, the guy appears in the scene. VO: “Want to remove unwanted people from your photographs? Learn how at Gateway Country. We won’t just sell you the technology, we’ll tell you how to use it.”

Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago Group CD: Cheryl Berman CD/AD/Dir.: David Harner CD/CW/Dir.: Tim Pontarelli Exec. prod.: Bob Harley Prod. co.: MJZ Editor: Justin Stolo, Red Car Music: “Linus and Lucy”

Visual: a football team sets up to kick a game-winning field goal. As the kicker tries to boot the ball, the holder pulls a Lucy—and the kicker lands flat on his back, à la Charlie Brown. VO: “Everybody loves Peanuts.” The music turns to Vince Guaraldi’s great jazz score, and we discover that the purchase of three Hallmark cards begets a free Peanuts book.

Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, S.F. ECD: Chuck McBride ACD/AD: Jon Soto AD: Jeff Labbé CW: Stephanie Crippon Exec. prod.: Jennifer Golub Asst. prod.: Jennifer Wallrapp Prod. co./Dir.: Traktor DP: Alex Barber Editor: Eric Zumbrunnen, Spot Welders Sound designer: Malcolm Fife, Mit Out Sound

As a man walks in the woods, his corduroys swish with each step, piercing the virgin solitude. The sound also pierces the heart of a nearby badger, which thinks the swish is a mating call. The animal chases after the guy, who picks up the pace to avoid becoming the badger’s boy toy.

Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, S.F. ECD/AD/ CW/Dir.: Chuck McBride ACD/AD/CW: Jon Soto Exec. prod.: Jennifer Golub Asst. prod.: Jennifer Wallrapp Prod. co.: Satellite Films DP: Mike Ozier Editor: David Herman, Plank Music: Universal/MCA

Singing karaoke, folks warble—badly, of course—the 1960s hit “Downtown.” During the rapping version of the song, however, one kid break-dances his heart out. It’s a hilarious finish.

Agency: Bozell, N.Y. ECD: Brent Bouchez AD: David Lloyd CW: Robert Rooney Exec. prod.: Andrew Chinich Agency prod.: Kelly Fagan Prod. co.: Dir.: Tarsem Editor: Robert Duffy, Spot Welders Music: Peter Lawlor, Water Music

After a milkman rings the doorbell at a country manse, he drops through an underground tunnel into a chair. It’s superhero tryout day! And the panel includes the Hulk, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Thor and Captain America. CA asks the milkman if he’s been fighting crime long. MM says no. “What do you fight?” asks Thor. MM: “Osteoporosis, with my never-ending supply of milk.” Passing the interview, the man of milk is page-one news.

Agency: J. Walter Thompson, Chicago ECD: dennis Ryan Group CD/CW: Bob Merlotti AD: Wendy Wassink Dir. of broadcast prod.: Wil Wilcox Exec. prod.: Paul Saylor Prod. co.: Dir.: Tarsem Editor: Robert Duffy, Spot Welders Music: Elias

In an apartment building, a couple can’t get away from the loud party next door—the whole house is shaking. So they get into the swing of things. He grabs two beers, drags her into the bedroom, loosens the bottlecap and places it on the bed. The cap bounces up and down and all around. She gets the message. Tagline: “Never miss a genuine opportunity.”

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore. CDs: Hal Curtis, Jim Riswold AD: Jayanta Jenkins CW: Mike Byrne Agency prod.: Jennifer Smieja Asst. prod.: Kim Carpenter Prod. co.: Directors Bureau Dir.: Mike Mills Editor: Peter Wiedensmith, Joint Sound designer: Dane Davis, Danetracks

On a stylized basketball court, Gary Payton talks to himself: “People can’t even dribble on The Glove, now they’re talking about trying to dunk on me.” Sitting on a chair, he puts on an outrageous super-Afro wig. Out of nowhere comes Vince Carter, who skies over Payton and dunks the basketball. Springy shoes, eh?

Agency: Publicis & Hal Riney, S.F. Group CDs:AD:CW:Agency prod.: Prod. co.:Dir.:Editor:Music: Beth Urdang, AgoraphoneIn a parking lot, a woman walks past a locked station wagon, its windows rolled up. Inside the sweltering vehicle: the cutest dog ever born. “Stand back, miss,” says a voice from behind. “We’ll save the dog.” “Who are you guys?” she asks. “Sacramento Kings fans,” the voice replies. “Section 110.” In unison, they chant “Ohhh …” until the car windows smash and the mutt escapes. Graphic: “The most powerful fans on earth.”

Agency: Wongdoody, Seattle CD: Tracy Wong ACD: John Schofield Sr. AD/Dir.: Mark Watson Sr. CW/Dir.: Dean Saling Agency prod./Dir: Craig Potter Prod. co.: Lenz Films Editor: Wes Plate, Modern Digital Music: Vince Werner, Clatter & Din

In a suburban neighborhood, two Sonics players “shoot” team T-shirts from the back of a pickup. Fired from a “cannon,” the shirts destroy a woman’s rose garden, shatter house windows and blow a crow out of the sky. Graphic: “The cannon is better in Key Arena.”

Agency: BBDO, N.Y. Chief creative: Ted Sann Sr. ECD:CD/AD: Rick Midler CD/CW: Wil Boudreau Agency prod.: Sue Petitti Music prod.: Rani Vaz Prod. co.: Hungry Man Dir.: John O’Hagan Editor: Wendy Rosen, Three-Fingered Louie

During a pregame pep talk, a football coach says: “Last year, this team humiliated us in our house. Let’s crush ’em!” The fired-up squad runs out of the locker, down the tunnel and into a boiler room … a kitchen … and a luxury suite. VO: “Not going anywhere for a while?”

Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, Playa del Rey, Calif. CDs: Jerry Gentile, Gary Topolewski AD: John Payne CW: Gary Pascoe Agency prods.: Kate O’Neil Harris, Lorraine Kraus Asst. prod.: Debra Airey Prod. co.: Backyard Productions, Radke Films Dir.: Eddy Chu DP: Cristophe Lanzenberg Editor: Dan Swietlik, Swietlik Editorial Composer/sound designer: Sam Retzer, Michelle Garuik, tomandandy

In a traffic jam, an irate motorist blasts his horn at the vehicle in front of him. “Honk this, pal,” says Crash Bandicoot, sitting on top of a tank, the cannon pointing at the motorist’s bald head. Final joke: “Do you know why I pulled you over?” asks a cop. ” ‘Cause you thought I had doughnuts in here?” Crash replies.

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, S.F. CD: Paul Venables AD: Peter Nicholson CW: Chris Ford Agency prod.: Tanya LeSieur Prod co./Dir.: Traktor Editor: Adam Pertofsky, Rock Paper Scissors Music: David Shapiro, Andrew Sherman, Fluid Music

On a golf course, Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott share a tender moment: After Lott shanks a shot, Montana says, “What’s the matter, Ronnie? Masculine itching?” Since masculine itching can cause “unsightly discomfort,” Joe pulls out a bottle of Itch Stopper Plus. “With just two fingers of the oily balm applied directly to the affected area …” says Joe, reaching for Lott’s belt buckle. Graphic: “Skip the stuff you don’t want to see.” Tagline: “TiVo. TV your way.”

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, L.A. CDs: Matt Bogen, Stan Toyama AD: Ro Rao CW: Greg Collins Agency prod.: Richard Bendetti Prod. co.: Headquarters Dir.: Joe Public Editor: Gordon Carey, FilmCore

At the Meyers family reunion, the relatives have a unique way of saying hello—they beat the crap out of each other. With head butts, groin kicks and sucker punches, the Meyers have a good old time. VO: “Think you’re tough enough to drive a Tacoma.”